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Welcome to Ophtalcare, the leading provider of IOl (Intraocular Lens) for dog's cataract treatment. Our revolutionary IOl is designed with advanced features to enhance peripheral vision, provide a unique size compatible with all eye dimensions, and is preloaded for easy insertion with a micro incision injector of just a few millimeters.


Enhanced Peripheral Vision:

Our IOl for dog's cataract is engineered to improve your furry friend's vision beyond just the central area. With enhanced peripheral vision, your dog will be able to see the world around them more clearly, resulting in improved overall visual experience and better spatial awareness.


Unique Size for All Eye Dimensions:

At Ophtalcare, we understand that every dog is unique, and their eyes come in different shapes and sizes. Our IOl is carefully crafted to work seamlessly with all eye dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal visual results for your pet, regardless of their breed or size.


Preloaded for Easy Insertion:

Our IOl comes preloaded for convenient and efficient insertion. This means that the IOl is ready to be placed in your dog's eye with ease, saving valuable time during the surgical procedure. The preloaded feature also reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring a sterile and safe environment for your pet's surgery.


Micro Incision Injector 

We employ cutting-edge technology with a micro incision injector, which requires only a 2.5 millimeters of incision for IOl placement. This minimally invasive approach significantly reduces discomfort for your dog and speeds up the recovery process, allowing them to get back to their normal activities sooner.

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